Council of Chicago


Cassiel as Prince is the obvious head of the Council, though she rarely attends any of the meetings.

The position of Vice Chancellor was held by Samuel Cole who handled the daily operation of the city’s vampyric politics. He did however need to flee the city once some dark secrets of his were revealed. Only during a crisis does the Prince take a direct hand.

Avery the bell-hop acts as the Prince’s direct representative and general secretary for the meetings. Note-taker general.

Rather than relying on the Heads of each of the Clans to be members of the council Samuel streamlined the process into the following hierarchy:

Prince : Cassiel is the direct ruler over the Council, though she rarely attends meetings herself.

Vice Chancellor: Samuel Cole handles the day to day running of the city as well as the weekly meetings of the Council.

The Opposing Voice: That position held by the leader of a group of minority factions. This position was created so that the Brujah would have a voice in politics, though it conferred no votes on matters. Duke held the position but never attended meetings. Roxy has taken to fulfilling this role since the exodus of the Brujah from Logan’s Square.

Thaumaturgical Advisor: Nigel Porter was given this position by Antonio after he decided it was not worth his time to attend these meetings. They have been known to switch roles during times of crisis.

Secretary: Avery has fulfilled this duty for as long as anyone can remember. He is known to abstain from every vote unless the Prince is present. In which case his vote usually follows in step with hers.

Spy-Master: Currently held by an unlikely candidate Lydia

Public Affairs: Uriah Travers currently holds the position still after Roxys abscence and her taking up the position of opposing voice.

Minister of Justice: The Kindred who would normally be Sheriff is unknown. What is known is that Carter as acting Sheriff of the Kindred of Chicago receives all of his high up orders either from the Prince or the Minister of Justice. The identity of the Minister of Justice is known only by Council Members. The Hounds and Sheriff are directly under his control, although this is only achieved through Carter. The Minister is known to abstain from most votes unless they are related to a punishment such as the True Death.

Socialite : Currently vacant after the most recent arguments with the Toreador following the Skinner crisis. Prior to this the position had been held for the last sixty years by Scarlet. Before her, her sire.

Council of Chicago

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