Lance (deceased)

an ex-Mafia gangster who's fear death pushes him to the edge of madness; will he fall?


He is a very formidable human, boasting great skills across the board for managing panicked crowds and taking out single targets, the best proof of which was singlehandedly taking out Dutch in a burning building with a shotgun. He is seemingly a master at arms with all weapons.

The first hound he ran into was Alan, who messed with his head before disappearing from his sight. Jethro, upon learning his potential usefulness, ghouled him and used him for a great many task ranging from investigation to assassination.

Lance got into this master-servant relationship due to the promise of getting his cancer removed, which was eventually performed by Jergen with only slight complications. Upon having his cancer removed he aimed higher, pushing to be fully turned into a vampire.
Alan spearheaded this operation with twin intents: He had orders to kill him, but wished to turn him instead to not break his contract, and he wished to become a sire, or at least bring another Malkavian into the world. This endeavor led to many complications, including show-offs with Jethro.

When a conclusion had finally been found for this matter and he was going to be turned, a werewolf with an accomplice kidnapped Lance. This werewolf is presumed to be Robert Carter with his mysterious master. Carter was made aware of the intention of turning Lance shortly before the act of him disappearing. Lance’s current location is currently unknown.

The entire incident might be attributed to the matter being postponed too much, as Lance seemed to know that the matter had to be handled quickly.

In the end Lance decided to accept Samuel Cole offer and became a Ventrue. After failing to complete the task Samuel Cole entrusted to him (Jethro’s assassination) he died at the hand of Alan, who didn’t like the idea of being hit with a bomb.

Or so we thought, as he has been spotted as a zombie on open street with a half-dozen others. Apart from the rest, he was fully animated where the others less so. He was still fully capable of his weapon use, and shot Jean-Jacque in the face with exploding bullets. The Giovanni are assumed to be behind this.


Lance (deceased)

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