Coteries of Note


Here is a list of notable friendship/clan groups that seem to work towards one common goal. Whilst not entirely accurate, these are the general perceptions of the city.

The Scofflaws (Away): The Scofflaws were a group of opposing voices to the central city politics, preferring to rule their own little area, primarily out-with of the Camarilla’s jurisdiction. The group was led by Duke and mainly consisted of notable Brujah such as : Michael Gunn, Dutch and a Nosferatu called Jake. Following losses and attacks during the Skinner attacks and the Sabbat Baali affair, Duke decided an exodus from the city was in order, taking one of the oldest coteries in the city with him.

The Black Collective: The Nosferatu network of spies was headed by Amos and Juliette Black, both of whom controlled a significant number of unknown contacts throughout the city, until Amos died. They operate primarily from Navy Pier and were recently involved in a the events of the Sabbat Baali affair.

Daemon’s Lot: Established by Vincent,Martin and Samantha, Daemon’s Lot act as a collective of like minded and seemingly altruistic vampires seeking to improve the local area for all who live there. It appears to be a far more successful rendition of what Martin tried to achieve on the Southside. Not a lot is known about what Daemon’s lot are trying to achieve through these actions, however, the local populace seem to be benefitting from their efforts. Although their domain is very small and borders where the Scofflaws used to call their home, it has been gathering a lot of attention as of late.

The ex-Hounds: A new group consisting primarily of Jethro, Alan, Jean-Jacque and Christian Taylor. They have been at the heart of both the Sabbat Baali affair and the put an end to the Skinner attacks. They have risen in prominence amongst the kindred of Chicago, but have garnered a lot of supiscion and enemies along the way. Former associates of theirs include: Bodike, Elizabeth, Lee, Leven, Whose-name-shall-not-be-said-because-he-was-a-jackass. All of which have disappeared without much trace. Only the remains of Lee have been discovered.
Current associates are the new Sheriff and the Nosferatu Primogen Jack.

Canada Arrivals (away): Out of the new arrivals many speculations can be drawn. It seems that Nate and Michael have some ties to Samantha, despite her throwing in with the Daemon’s Lot for now.

The Setites: Only Narcisse is a public member and representative of this group, all the other members are speculative.

The Socialites: Most of the Toreador fit into this classification.

Coteries of Note

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