The Book of Tongues


A large ancient tome bound in weathered skin. Upon the surface is the imprint of a mouth opening as if in hunger, with no teeth, but several grasping tongues.


Prior to arriving in Chicago The Book of Tongues had been held at the Chantry of New York before its destruction by the Sabbat takeover in 1995. Jethro Sawyer aided by fellow survivors saw the book safely interred into Tremere care in Chicago. Three days later The Book of Tongues went missing from the vault amidst the Skinner crisis. Eventually it was discovered that the Book of Tongues had never enterred the Chicago vault at all but had been switched by Stephanie and had played a significant part in the Skinner crisis. After the defeat of Sebastien Walker it was revealed that Stephanie had fled the city with the infamous book and a mask that had been created from a ritual within.

The Book of Tongues

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