William Hawthorpe

Wild Bill The Butcher of Baltimore


His face is fixed with a manic smile and a demon’s eyes. Like a mad dog let off a chain. His clothes are practical, aged and worn brown riding leathers. Even in public his hand is seldom seen without a blade. His preference in this regard give him his name as he is most frequently seen with a butcher’s cleaver.


The Butcher of Baltimore has a vast history which is painted in gore throughout the United States. However, no-one can read the writing. His actions appear to be manic and unpredictable. All that is known of him in Modern Nights is it would appear his incursion into Washington DC was the precursor for the attacks that began the current Sabbat War. He was presumed killed in the retaliation in Baltimore, but his appearance in Chicago two years later appears to have put that rumour to rest. Working with Solomon, Wild Bill caused merry murder as a distraction to draw out Justicars to Chicago whilst the real Sabbat attack occurred in other cities. He then vanished into the waters of Lake Michigan before resurfacing several years later in LA’s nightly struggles.

William Hawthorpe

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