Samuel Cole

Exiled Primogen


Soft spoken and reclusive, Samuel Cole appears to be a man in his early fifties who carries the burden of a city’s well being on his frame. Often his clothes are of a very good make but appear worn and dishevelled from hard use and ill-fit.


Samuel Cole was the kindred who kept Chicago running smoothly. Taking up all the duties of the Prince, Samuel had a hand in all of Chicago’s politics, kindred and mortal alike. However, much to the cost of Chicago this has been revealed to have been a Black Hand.

Samuel Cole’s position of unchecked authority allowed him for the last two centuries to engineer several dangerous plots against the city of Chicago. His demeanour rarely gave away his nature as sometimes architect and sometimes facilitator of atrocities. His secrets were only eventually revealed due to his penchant for keeping a trophy. A similar act which got his protege Doctor Sebastien Walker caught.

He is apparently the Sire of Vincent Dormant and Uriah

Samuel Cole

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