Brujah Council Member, Editor of the Tribune


This smartly dressed reporter was formerly solely dedicated to telling the masses the truth, but has, due to unfortunate circumstances, had her body infused with a Setite soul in addition to her own. This was a side effect of when her soul needed to be stored away for a while; so her soul was put into a separate body. The soul of that body was then put into her body, and now they both need to share space.

They are now at war on what to do, but outwardly this is not visible unless you knew her well enough before it happened. Some have referred to this new Setite presence keeping her under control, as she was overstepping her bounds on what information she was giving out in her articles prior to her needing to go into hiding; these two were at best loosely related.

The actual reason for her going into hiding had to do with the Chicago on Fire incident. She needed to appear dead from an explosion she caused to set the wheels in motion, pushing the Brujah into action; she saw them as a loose canon, so best push them in a direction she could benefit from.



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