The Black Bitch

The Dark Queen of Chicago


Even high-level Tremere are unable to learn of The Black Bitch’s past. The only thing known about her that she seems to avoid making public knowledge is the name Cassiel.

She has a zero-tolerance policy to bullshit and seems willing to kill on a whim if necessary, but she has so far held back, even in the extreme circumstance of Chicago potentially needing to be burned to the ground. This does not diminish in the least the power of her threats.

She is speculated to be on the Path of Death due to a comment of a victim she had executed in her own halls in the presence of the hounds and two justicars; due to this and as thanks for his capture, they were allowed to live. The comment was a question as to why she hadn’t walked through the door to death itself yet.

Since Chicago went independent, it is in question whether she is technically still a Prince, a Camarilla term, or a queen, a more general term.

During the battle with the Wendigo, she was seen using Celerity and soul powers to jump in and out of her body while fighting. She even possessed and killed Vali by throwing him out of his body while she was inside it. She also dealt a single blow of considerable strength to the Wendigo, suggesting potence as well.


The Black Bitch

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