Paul Cordwood

Master of Spies


Born under the name Harald the Thin in Norway, he was the son of a Thane, who had four other sons who delightet in tormenting their little brother with tongue and fist. As a result, Harald learned not to draw attention to himself and fell under the sway of his uncle, who began to instruct the boy in Hedge magic and further abused him.

His uncle eventually introduced him to to House Diedne, which was part fo the newly founded Order of Hermes. Disdaining his former people, he changed his name to Paul Cordwood, symbolizing the beginnign fo his new life. In 1003, Epistatia, a mage from House Tremere, noticed his growing talents and brought him under her wing.

Using the boy to gain informations about the Diedne to inspire the Wizard’s March against the House, Epistatia introduced him into her own House. Refraining from the power games within the house, Cordwood instead dedicated himself to astral projection, eventually traveling to Ceoris and managing to stay neutral in the bloody feud between Goratrix and Etrius.

In 1023, he was among the first outside the Inner Circle to receive the Embrace on demands of Tremere himself. Cordwood adapted quickly to his new unlifestyle, enjoying the power and confidence his new condition brought him. Slowly, he began to join in Chantry politics, demanding harsh actions against the Tzimisce who began to raid th lands around Ceoris.

Focusing solely on the Omen War, he began to sendt spies into the ranks of the Fiends in order to learn about their weaknesses and tactics. Although he nominally supported Goratrix stance in that the whole House needed to be brought across the threshold of undeath, he stayed away from the conspirational circles within Ceoris who sought out to oust Etrius and his followers.

Cordwood vanished from the public life of the clan during the Gargoyle revolt. Although rumors claimed either that he died or that he joined the sabbat as a bishop, in reality he just settled in Vienna, managing in secret the network of spies of the Tremere clan.

Only during the 20th century he decided to make again known to the whole clan his presence in the hierarchy, to help the pyramid manage the chaotic transition during the two world wars and the struggle against the Sabbat in the New world. He also sired a new generation of spies to increase the eyes and the ears of the clan in the whole world.

Recently he has joined the battle of the Camarilla in the U.S., settling himself in the chantry of Chicago along with his progeny Michael and Jethro.

Paul Cordwood

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