Lee Goldstock (deceased)


Was killed by the blood brothers during an unfortunate hunt.


Growing up in Texas with an unknown father and an alcoholic mother, Lee ran from home and had to find his own way to survive in the world from quite young age. He fell in with the company of a group of youths on the streets of Galveston, who taught him all the skills he needed in order to provide for himself; first aid, stealing without being seen and various fighting skills, among other things.
The group kept very close for a number of years, living in an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city where they took to more serious crimes like gun and drug smuggling to earn some money, which they used to buy and maintain motorcycles, at which point they adopted the name “Red Angels Motorcycle Club”. Of course, they weren’t the only gang in the area, and they began to be seen as a threat by others, most notably the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, who fast became their bitter rivals.
It wasn’t the happiest he could have been, but life in the club was all Lee knew until the night he was given the Embrace, which from his point of view completely ruined his life. He didn’t have any time for his sire after it was explained he wouldn’t be able to be involved with the club anymore, and drove off, never seeing his sire again.
Lee spent the next years of his life touring America by night, picking up what he could about vampire culture, and eventually learning that Carlos Miguel, Lee’s most hated enemy within the Bandidos had also been made a vampire, and rumour had it he had joined up with the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an infamous vampire motorcycle gang. Lee made it his mission to find the Horsemen and put an end to Miguel’s unlife, although the longer he hunted, the more he realised he wasn’t going to find the gang, he would just have to wait until they sought him out. His search eventually led him to New York, a few nights before the Sabbat attack which would send him and his new companions to Chicago.

Lee met an unfortunate demise while being cornered while in a weakened state after a battle. Unable to fight and unable to escape, he med his final death at the hands of the blood brothers.

Lee Goldstock (deceased)

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