Jethro Sawyer

The bastard and ambitious agent


A man around 45 years old at the appearance, with a decent build and an height of 1.78 cm.

Usually wears anonymous suits, corporate-employee style, nothing flashy or that could catch the eye. If not for his terrible attitude, nothing else in him would catch too much attention.

Remark: I have a lot of work to do both in and out of my clan. So, unless you prove useful in the next 5 seconds… GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY BEFORE I BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!. Ah… and just to give you a piece of information… I don’t need to touch you to do so._


Former agent of MI5, Jethro was forced to join the ranks of Tremere ghouls after having stuck his nose where it should not, during an investigation.
His skills and his contatcs in the english national security granted him a bit of reputation in the Chantry of London, so after 30 years as a ghoul he obtained his promotion from his master, Paul Cordwood, the master of spies of the Tremere Clan, an information that he managed to discover only after his embrace.
After completing his basic training in the thaumaturgy and in the ways of the clan, Jethro, with his master’s consent, decided to go to the U.S., a place with far more possibilities for a young vampire.

Direct, ruthless and a total bastard; Jethro is ready to do everything required to complete the mission and solve the problems of the Clan and/or of the Camarilla, and evaluates the others only according to their usefulness in completing the mission and in fulfilling their role; seeing himself always as the man at the top that gives the orders.

Recently arrived in Chicago after having escaped a Sabbath assault in New York, Jethro has to fight on several fronts. He has to solve the problems of the Chantry, that seems to severely lack discipline and order; the problems of the Camarilla, with a Prince and a Sheriff that seem uninterested about what happens in the city; and the problems in his own Coterie, as the people in it do not like his “boss” attitude.
In short: a hell of shitty jobs to do.


What the f**k are the Regent for? to keep the vampires of the chantry in order!

then how has been possible for Stephanie to steal a powerful tome and spy the chantry for so much time? what has Antonio done up until now? probably playing with his yo-yo or with his nerdy ghouls!

Oh sure, a genius in magic, but a total incompetent in everything else, no wonders he has to rely on Nigel for everything else. That’s a shame, because, by attitude, he’s even a half-decent guy! if only he would be more interested in vampire politics… we could take over this city in just ten years!

Well, no use in complaining, I have to work with what I have, as usual. In the end we managed to solve, at least partially, the situation. Yes, stephanie escaped with the book of tongues, but she will be traced by our spies, at least we were able to capture the Skinner.
Sebastian Walker, that bastard, he almost got me! he played with the whole city and no one suspected him until the end, when we captured him (almost dying in the process).

And how many problems to solve that matter… Alan that is extremely unpredictable, even for a Malkavian and Jean-Jacques that is a total incompetent (I wonder why the Ventrue let him live).

Lee and Elizabeth seem decent guys, of course they don’t trust me, Tremere Bad! Tremere Bad! I’m sick tired of that shit, as if the other clans do not have secrets that do not want to be shared with the others.

Well, in the end, thanks to my and the magic tools I provided of couse, everything was solved, did I receive a thanks from the folks? NO! I got stuck with the position as Hound and the others of the coterie simply told me to fuck up! bah…

At least I was able to get an interesting fellow as a ghoul, Lance has good qualities, I wouldn’t say fitting for a Tremere, but as an operative ghoul he is good enough, he will be extremely useful at the moment.

After Sabbat


The “Great Plan” of the Prince got foiled out by that incompetent of Roxy who chose who to execute the Plan? JEAN JACQUES? THE MOST IDIOT VAMPIRE EXISTING ON EARTH? Of course than their plan failed, not only Jean-jacques didn’t told us anything, but he didn’t even moved alone to let the plan work, he just decided to seat and enjoy the show of us trying to figure out what to do and what was going on in the city! that and of course breaching the masquerade around for his own fun, and we had even to clean his mess!

Well.. at least I had a bit of satisfaction, that incompetent of Roxy met her end, by my hands of course. I would lie if I were to say that I didn’t enjoy the thing, a little… but that’s it, Antonio’s plan to get rid of Roxy backfired, as now we probably have a setite in her body ready to fuck up anything in the city, and I am the first of her list…

At least we managed to drive the sabbat out of the city, of course we had to act alone, even the Sheriff was useless… just getting himself on fire and I had to throw him in the water and then deal with a 4 meters tall abomination…

Alan and Lee have been the only useful elements in that operation, Jean-jacques is… well jean-jacques is jean-jacques and I don’t know Howard enough yet to make a clear judgment on him. A shame we lost Lee during the operation, in the end we got stucked with this Toreador, Christian…

I informed my master, too much things going on around in the city and the clan needs to know what’s going on in Chicago.

Pentex affaire

FOOOOOOOOOR – wait for it- FU****K SAAAAAKE!

After this I am sure, Jean-jacques is either an idiot or has a secret plan to kill us all, Alan is trying to get rid of me to steal my stuff and Christian and Howard just mind their own business with no regards for the sake of the team.

Really Christian? working for the Setites? oh yes they pay you money but THE SETITES? AFTER I TOLD YOU THAT THEY’RE UP TO SOMETHING? and you didn’t even inform us? ok that you’re a vampire and even a lawyer but put a bit of restraint on your greedyness!

Jean jacques… I told you that if you want to investigate Pentax you needed to be quiet and silent, to not get seen… and you simply went there in the open? YOU EVEN GAVE YOUR NUMBER TO A SECRETARY!? If you wish to die so much please get a sunbathe and DO NOT INVOLVE US IN YOUR SUICIDAL PSYCHOSIS! In the end I HAD TO CLEAN YOUR MESS !

Alan… Alan Alan Alan… you really thought of take Lance away from me without telling me anything? oh yes, he has mental problems, yes you could have tried to explain that to me, BUT YOU DID THAT ONLY WHEN THINGS WERE ALREADY DONE! There is no vampire that would be happy with that and I do not have MORON written on my forehead! In the future… if you want to mess again with my stuff.. inform me please would you? otherwise….

Howard… you seem a decent enough fellow… but why… why why aren’t you trying to make the guys use abit of their brain? you cannot remain an observer for long time … we do not have the time for that…

The team is falling apart, either they will accept my leadership or I will simply discard them and find new allies… I have not seen any kind of initiative in them, and when they tried to do something they almost died. I cannot continue to have patience, let them play with me and solve their problems all the time.

My master has decided to join me in Chicago, Antonio is out, Nigel is the New Regent under Paul Cordwood’s supervision, I have to produce results… or I will be the next one to see the sunlight…

Jethro Sawyer

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