It's pronounced YUR-gen, not GER-gen. Fucking Americans...


Jergen appears differently depending on whom is visiting.

To newcomers he often appears first as a servant who only refers to Jergen as ‘The Master’. Clothed in rough work man’s wear and occasionally a soiled apron this guise is more rough and grizzled, but also defensive than the other Jergen.

Jergen 1

Once he has assessed people or realises he must present a more formidable and formal front, he will excuse himself and return pretending to be a completely different individual.This is the guise he wears more often amongst kindred,exchanging work clothes for a suit he appears more animated and controlled; serious and dark; paranoid and ominous. His moods shift occasionally and he appears often distracted. In addition he takes no pains to hide his elongated and sharp hands amongst the kindred.

In either guise, there are often blood stains on his clothes from the pigs on which he experiments with his Tzimisce powers.

Jergen 2


Not much is known about this Kindred’s past.

He appears to value privacy and security in his domain; whilst blithely ignoring this same courtesy with others.


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