Jean-Jacque Jenrette

Clinging to his humanity, this smartly dressed man accentuates the dynamics of his former life


Clan: Ventrue, Nature: Bon Vivant, Demeanor: Perfectionist,
Generation: 8 Humanity: 7
Willpower: 7 Bloodpool: 15/15
Experience: 0

Physical: – STR: 3 – DEX: 4 – STA: 4
Social: – CHA: 3 – MAN: 3 – APP: 4
Mental: – PER:3 – INT: 2 – WIT: 3

– Alertness 2, – Empathy 3,
– Expression 2, – Intimidation 2,
– Leadership 2, – Streetwise 3,
– Subterfuge 3
– Drive 3, – Etiquette 1,
– Firearms 2, – Melee 3,
– Performance 2, – Stealth 2
- Academics 1, – Computer 3,
- Finance 2, – Investigation 1,
– Medicine 2, – Occult 1
- Politics 3, – Knowledge Chicago 1

Presence 3: – Awe – Dread Gaze – Entrancement
Dominate 3: – Command – Mesmerize – Forgetful Mind
Fortitude 3

– Generation 5
– Resources 3
– Herd 3
– Domain (3)
– Status 2 – Ansillae
– Influence 2 – Chicago
– Title 1, Keeper of Elysium, Logan Square
– Elysium 1, Logan Square
– Enemy 3, Samuel Cole 1, Stephanie 2, others
– Boon 1, Jurgen
– Blood Bank 3,

Virtues: – Conscience: 3 – Self-Control: 5 – Courage: 2

– Acute Senses (Hearing)
– Eat Food
– Natural Linguist
– Language (French, Italian)
– Language (Spanish, Norwegian)
– Food tastes better

– Infertile Vitae
– Repelled by Crosses
– “Fear” of Heights
– (Group) Enemy 2
– Blood tastes worse
– Short fuse


Sunset became the new inception of my daily existence. New daily realizations, checking in the mirror making sure my body is in pristine condition. I used to think of my achievements through life to motivate me to wake up, but being soiled with this horrid solution in my blood, now those don’t really apply to me anymore. That was more my life, now my whole existence is a sin. Granted however, a sin i prefer committing over non-existance. All of us may be stained kind, but all creatures fend for their lives.

Having struggled to keep my appetite I still have breakfast. It wasn’t easy to regain, my appetite, but most things have become more difficult. You wouldn’t think you’d miss your heartbeat, but when you think about it a life without it would be a lacking one. It’s a gift you take for granted; I know from experience. There is an occasional faint beat, but I don’t know to what degree it is self delusion. Seeing beauty brings me back to standing in the art museums back in my homeland of France. Even if I never wish to return, it did have its moments.

My parents didn’t leave much to want. They were simpletons who wanted nothing out of life but to see me succeed. They gave in to the structure of society: Having a fun childhood, awkward teenage years, falling in love after a few failed relationships and as theirs was dying they say I came to save it, but seeing how cold they grew to each other I don’t believe I actually made a difference. I mostly only saw them in the family portraits on the walls and mostly heard them through the walls. My duvet usually wasn’t enough to censor out their screaming.

There was a moment when I thought I was close to finding happiness. Despite my efforts put into making others like me, more refined and less defined, it felt so hollow. Whenever I’d let them into my life, they would turn away. Only for as long as I let them think I was just the kind of person they wanted to be with would they stick around. Except for her…

Every moment, when I pour the milk into my cereal, the days when I have the energy to face the memory again, I think of her. Remember waking up by her side, the woman who didn’t judge me, who accepted my enthusiasm for the arts. Every word she said spoke so deeply to me; it was magical. Thinking back it probably was magic as I’m slowly learning to do it myself. I remember her walking up to me as I had filled my bowl halfway when she was nuzzling my neck and I gave in to her temptation. I could feel her run her teeth sensually on my skin, until a sharp pain followed by immediate bliss started from my neck and grew to the rest of my body. I woke up cold and alone to my Swedish maid who thought she’d found me dead. I remember how differently I thought of her that moment. A feeling of hunger over lust.

And now, as I start chewing, I know the inevitable moment comes where I wish she hadn’t disappeared. I don’t know what she did to me, because one part of me hates every fiber of that woman, how could she take my life just to satiate her lust? But on the other hand she is just so perfect. This woman was in my life the better part of ten years and never could I decide how much I loved or hated her. Now I am just glad I lost her since I got to Chicago. I best make sure news doesn’t cross town borders of where I am, at least not yet, but I suppose I can thank her for bringing me out of France, that place had too many bad memories.

There was some noise behind me. " Oh, good morning Alan, didn’t hear you getting up. I was just lost in thought. " I said, gulping down the rest of what was in the bowl. I would commence in the morning, or now evening, ritual of saying my good mornings and sleep wells; but my mind was elsewhere. The warm water running from the faucet reminded me of when my skin would naturally be that warm. If Alan wasn’t in the room, I would consider holding my own hand, just to remember how it felt when they weren’t naturally cold. This is just about the time when reality kick in again and I remember how this breakfast will be coming up again later today.

Walking out onto the balcony the thought crossed my mind, it isn’t without its benefits. I have a great view, great company and a city budding to be distracted by my smile whilst their little feet dance to my violin. I don’t remember the interest in having people en masse beneath me, as just a few right people used to be enough to guarantee me my income. But turning has increased my adventure lust; cars seem so much more fun, and the joy riding I’d do in the past seems more intriguing and I look for adventure rather than avoid it.

I remember when a drop like this, technically this specific one as well, wouldn’t mean much to me. It used to remind me of my sweethear… My sire’s balcony, where we’d fantasize about how simply flying through the sky, just us, would feel. Then that was taken from me. Just as I thought I’d come to rest at its view that devil took it away from me. Looking down, even at a beautiful venue like my own, I see fire and brimstone. I see those demons hailing my arrival, waiting to stab me; waiting to burn me; waiting to shove those accursed crosses down my throat.

I can however not say I did not deserve it. It was a relief when I saw the pool of blood I had landed in was actually water, the scorching heat was simply my mind mixing up the strong winds of me falling, those demons screaming had been people stunned by the sight of my fall. I’m getting sidetracked: I deserved it.
p. They say it was merely an illusion, which it technically was, but… But I let Bodike die. I tell myself I couldn’t save him and some part of me believes if I could have gotten in the way of the blow, I would. But when that beast Clancy had slain him and sunk his teeth into him, I did nothing. I want to say I was scared, but I wasn’t. I want to say I couldn’t have fought off Clancy, but I may have been able to. In my head I was thinking, only one thought was going through my mind, and it was self preservation. I both had the will and the means to save Bodike’s soul, but the chance that it would maybe hurt me was too strong. Vampires are such horrid creatures, thinking only of themselves; I wish I felt this resentment towards Clancy, but I do not wish to project my failings onto the nearest anchor of deplorable acts.

I did something horrible, and I was warned of what happens when I give in. I let that horrid concoction from Jethro to take over my mind, and it took me straight into Hell. I could say it was only an illusion, but that’s not how it felt at the time. I cannot ignore the things going through my mind during that freefall because I later learned it wasn’t actually there. Something tested me and I failed. Then it warned me where my path will lead me.

This view is depressing me. Waking up didn’t use to be so cumbersome. I needed a distraction.


Since we found out our downstairs basement was a bit more complex than we thought, and I actually got the time to explore it and its contents. It became a hobby to frequent it. Granted, this was after things settled down, after the skinner and and that episode at the pier. Things were so hectic back then, no time.
Nothing is so bad that nothing good comes of it I suppose, and now we had all these tools, should they become useful. Books on how to do medicine, a database on patients including lovely information such as country of origin, workplace, lots of information I could use to ease my searches at night. I did my best to find the places as many of them as possible would convene by chance and laid the foundations for starting a blood bank in regards to interesting locations. This ordeal left me far more used to the workings of a computer as well.


forgot to update this for the whole “Chicago on fire” bit

Losing the Brujah was a big blow, personally in the sense of losing Lee, politically in losing the clan. The prince opened up the floodgates for new vampires to come in, since Chicago went independent and siring was allowed somewhat across the board. I hoped it would mitigate the risk to the city, but only time would show that.
It did however prove that nothing is so bad that nothing good would come of it. The new influx led an interesting addition to my own clan, as I no longer seem to not be alone in the goal of ridding the vile world of the evil that permeates this world, an evil that I seemed to have underestimated till now.
The big events happening, the skinner, the near fall of Chicago and standing face to face with a demon has distracted me from the potential evil right next to me this whole time. Martin seems to have put his trust in me, and shared his suspicions, and he’s not the only one with a certain distrust.
I had a list of names linked to him, one which I know disappeared with him and one which his ghoul took out. When I knew he was going to watch ten innocents get systematically murdered I decided that regardless of whether his aim is to have innocents murdered or not, he seems to have no regard for the prevention of their deaths. It’s possible we could have prevented their deaths, but I couldn’t have. But that’s when the realization dawned upon me that even bringing it up would itself be the problem. This complete disregard for life can’t be tolerated.
I planned then and there to fight back. I was not going to go into hiding just to potentially hide from Pentex, I needed a method to hide from my own accomplices as well. My lawyer and the private investigator are too new to make any judgments and the tremere aren’t to be trusted. Ironically, my only hope is the Malkavian, who seems to be going more inward than usual, keeping more secrets.

I will need to look into either asking favors or making new friends, and I will start with Jurgen and Roxie. It might take a big favor to get Jurgen to teach me to change my own face, and Roxie isn’t trusted by Jethro, so I want to know why he wants me to stay away.


The current episode has left me weary, as the Wendigo did take a lot down with it. It is not often we find vampires of a good mind, so Alexys was a big loss. He seemed to strive for peace and coexistence with humans, using his rituals to help them while allowing him to avoid feeding. I would have wanted to learn his ways, but I suppose instead I’ll run his shop in his memory. I did like the place, and would like to achieve something similar to it.
It was unclear if the actions in his shop lead to the release of the wendigo, in one way or another. I have a suspicion that Vali and Jethro had something to do with its release, but I could not prove it. At the same time Alexys seemed to be creating these blood crystals with what he said was “part of him”, and whatever Alan did when creating his crystal seemed to make it take us straight to the Wendigo. All seem equally valid, so I might never know.
No matter the reason, it was released upon Chicago where it seemed to ravage during the day and infiltrate during the night, taking the form of any it could. The only way Jethro, Alan and myself seemed to survive an encounter with it, was to let it have its way and make an exchange: Its powers for some of our knowledge. Jethro’s knowledge, Alan’s insight and my understanding.
Next we saw it, we were at the receiving end of its destructing powers, summoning whirlwinds and moving at speeds we couldn’t even see. Even the countermagic failed. When a misfire from the tank, controlled by Alan, hit the thing head on, it also took out the human guards. We didn’t draw blood until Leven got a straight hit, which it mostly ignored. The arrival of Gregor, Carter, Rachel Barkman and Clancy gave it an opening to escape. The Assamite, Yuwei was there as well. This was my last chance I figured I could make her mine, but the beast took over and I almost ate her. She disappeared after the incident and I never saw her again.
It was at this point I lost all hope. Leaving the city before the Prince blew it up was the only rational option I saw left; Alan and Christian seemed to agree. But even this was thwarted by the unlikeliest of sources, as Vincent, whom we were to leave with, drew his sword and killed Michael, going for me next. How I survived I do not know, but something within Vincent drew out his good nature against the dominating influence from Samuel Cole, who had orchestrated the whole thing. Dotty seemed to have helped, and they together took out Howard as well, when he wasn’t expecting a counterattack.

Two years later I woke up to learn things seemed to have gone back to normal. As a boon for helping with the defeat of the Wendigo, Protean was taught to me by Tommy. He also taught me to speak to animals, through Jurgen’s boon.
Things seem to have turned out in the end, but the Setites still seem to be up to no good. I must try and find out what they are doing with my clan. I’ll need to gain enough influence over the city for them to let me back into their ranks. I currently plan to increase the stakes with the blood banks, get back into the spotlight politically by making friends among the high up humans and take back my rightful spot as an elder.

Jean-Jacque Jenrette

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