Servant to the Prince


A spry bellhop (probably) doing the administrative work of the Prince of Chicago. His competence is questionable, but his ability to deliver a message to anyone anywhere is certainly not anything less than exemplary. The extent to what his Auspex, if that indeed is what he uses for his tricks, can do is unknown but should certainly not be underestimated.

He does however give off the impression of incompetence in his role, as he is easily intimidated and seems very cluttered in his handling of his affairs. Given his standing with the prince this might be an elaborate ruse; a very convincing one nonetheless.

During the Wendigo incident, he temporarily lost his arm when it touched a blood crystal. Its power was unknown at the time, and the guess as to what destroyed his arm was the crystal’s vicinity to the Archway. Due to this, the Prince and Avery both hold a grudge towards Jethro, Alan, Jean-Jacque and Christian Taylor. His arm was restored when the Wendigo was destroyed.



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